You have decided to go fishing, to enjoy nature or a day with your family but you don’t really know how to equip yourself?

The first thing every good fisherman should always carry with him is a valid fishing licence. Then, know that the four essential fishing accessories for a good fisherman are: a rod, a reel, a fishing line, a lure…

However, make sure that the type of line you use is appropriate for your rod and reel. This is the only way to ensure that you can fish easily and comfortably.

Choosing the right rod

There are three things to consider when choosing your rod: the line guide, the handles and the reel seat. These elements must be solid and practical and the handles must allow a good grip. The fishing rod can be in one or more parts. The assembly is done by combining the male and female parts and can be made easier with a little bit of lubricant. A conventional fishing rod is about two metres long and should not be too heavy. If you are new to fishing, and you don’t want to ruin yourself for new equipment that won’t serve you very long, opt for second-hand equipment.

Choosing the right line

There is a wide range of fishing lines. It is usually nylon line that comes in spools of different lengths and strengths. Be aware that the longer your fishing rod is, the thinner your line will have to be. To start, it is advisable to use a spool of about thirty metres of line and a resistance of two kilos. Finally, to be perfectly equipped, you can add the following fishing items: a landing net, a fishing knife and a bucket for bait.

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