Economic recovery: in Corsica, fishing stores are trying to raise their heads after a long period of confinement

For these businesses, the strong period of trout opening has been cut by containment, and now fishing stores hope to limit the damage and start off on the right foot next year.

For Philippe Derumigny, manager of the Zara sport store in Solenzara, which offers fishing, hunting, sport and beach items, the report of the past three months is bitter "We have sold almost no fishing license".as for the other businesses which offer fishing articles, the confinement arrived at the worst moment, that is to say at the same time as the opening of the trout fishing."We also sold much less equipment , because even since the deconfinement, people go much less to fishing than usual "

To this must be added the internet competition which was even tougher during the confinement, the stores being closed.Here again Philippe Derumigny notes "The damage of the internet has been even greater than before.Seeing that people were at home and did not know what to do, I guess they took the opportunity to renew their equipment by buying on the internet.So now we are just used to sell the little things missing, but for now there is has no great sales."

A major tourist season for Philippe's business

Unlike other businesses of the same type located in large living areas like Bastia and Ajaccio, Philippe's store located in Solenzara will have to rely on a good tourist season, to get out of this bad patch.outside fishing, he offers a whole bunch of consumer items in his store, the lost turnover can not be made up this year according to him "It is starting up again very slowly, so I think it will be almost impossible to make up for lost time.The only hope would be a huge late season, but I don't believe it… ”

Posted Date: 2020-07-06

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